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Our purpose is to inspire and assist organizations and individuals to engage and succeed in new innovative ventures

Our passion is innovation. We are all about being pioneers rather than just implementing a plan. We are creative problem solvers with a focus on a learning and doing approach.


The recent years we have taken many different roles. We assist start-ups and take active part to evolve an opportunity into a business proposition. In larger organizations we establish the basis for creation, recognition and articulation of new opportunities.


We have been successful in ramping up business to stand on its own in small entrepreneurial start-ups as well as in big established international companies.

Niklas Marschall
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I am an innovation orchestrator.


I master all innovation disciplines and know what is required to establish a culture and leadership that understand and value innovation and what it takes to succeed.

Karin Jøns
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I am an enthusiastic and determined professional.


I have a solid background in communication, project management and business development.


I am valued for the passion I put into my work.

Doing something new that becomes widely adopted and creates significant value


How this is done at Navigara


Culture of SPEED: Innovators talk about an “iterative approach.” We take this process and make it lightning quick— throughout everything we do.


Culture of DO: We are makers and entrepreneurs. We know what it’s like to work in the trenches to bring something great to life.


Culture of HACK: Don’t reinvent the wheel. Take the best parts and build a car.


What does it mean to innovate?
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