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Through a series of simulated exercises about the foundations of business, participants  learn firsthand how to monitor cash flow, better utilize resources and improve productivity. Balance sheets and income statements teach them to measure results and understand how their daily decisions impact the company financially–and strategically.

Teams learn how to monitor cash flow, better utilize resources and make productivity improvements. While exploring the factors that impact a company’s financial statements – they will develop a solid business sense that can help guiding their future decisions in everyday work.

Key results and take aways


Companies can benefit by creating a common vision throughout the organization, building a shared baseline understanding of financial concepts, and communicating key messages during times of organizational change.

Participants will:

  • Understand how to build a customer base that will yield both short-term profit and long term sustainable growth

  • Learn what customers to pursue by monitoring issues such as volume, loyalty, image, price and payment terms

  • Understand how the organization benefits from better sales forecasting

  • See how their daily decisions impact the company strategically and financially, including learning basic business finance language and the logic of business – “how it works”

  • Continuously identify improvements in the business processes

  • Know how their business generates profits today - and how it will need to generate profits and grow profitably in the future

  • Get the meaning of working capital and how the use of assets affects the profitability

  • Get a better idea of the issues that arise when scaling a company for growth

  • Understand the meaning of business drivers and value

Navigara is a CELEMI certified facilitator and we use CELEMI simulation games in our workshops.


Here you  can read more about CELEMI simulation games.


Simulation workshop

Business Finance for Everyone

The workshop will allow participants to take a fascinating journey to the Intersection – a place where ideas from different fields and cultures meet and collide, ultimately igniting an explosion of extraordinary new innovations.

People tend to look to improve on products and services that already exist, but in this workshop participants are inspired to think beyond the usual.

Key results and take aways


The workshop will:

  • Inspire people to think outside of the box and realize their own ability to be innovative.

  • Reach a shared understanding through dialog and discovery.

  • Create an innovative environment and support a cultural shift throughout the organization.

  • Give a better understanding of a lean startup and how to use this approach can be implemented. Inspire people to use new design thinking methods. 


As preparation to the workshop the organizations Breakthrough Innovation capability will be evaluated and concrete actions for improvement will be the output of the workshop.

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